Belarusians in Montenegro

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There is no official diplomatic mission of the Republic of Belarus in Montenegro, its functions are performed by the embassy in Belgrade, Serbia.

The People’s Embassy of Belarus in Montenegro has been created to protect the rights and interests of Belarusian citizens, as well as to represent a democratic Belarus abroad represented by the national leader S. Tikhanovskaya and the People’s Anti-Crisis Administration.

The People’s Embassy of Belarusians in Montenegro is a supporter of democratic reforms in their homeland – in Belarus.

Montenegro’s official position on the situation in Belarus

The Republic of Montenegro did not recognize the elections in Belarus as fair, and Alexander Lukashenko as the legitimate president. Also in November 2020, Montenegro joined the EU sanctions.

Belarusians in Montenegro

A diaspora of the Russian-speaking population, which includes Belarusians, exists in Montenegro  for a long time, However, only in December 2020 an independent diaspora of Belarusians began to form. In August 2020, the majority of Belarusians, permanently residing in Montenegro, were unable to participate in the elections in Belarus, since no voting sites were organized in Montenegro. But, in spite of this, all Belarusians followed the situation in their homeland and could not remain indifferent to the events either on the days of the elections, or after them.

Falsification of elections, violence against peaceful protesters, repression and arrests – this is something that should not happen not only in Belarus, but also in no other country.

We, the Belarusians of Montenegro, created our Facebook page with a firm decision to support the protesters in Belarus, as well as those who had to leave for Montenegro for political reasons.

The main goals of the unification of Belarusians in Montenegro are:

  • Communication of Belarusians in Montenegro;
  • Assistance to newly arrived Belarusians in Montenegro, in particular, socialization, assistance in finding accommodation, work, etc.
  • Informing about the situation in Belarus through local media, blogs, social networks.
  • We invite all those who are not indifferent to the events taking place in Belarus for cooperation.